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HRM ,Training

Certified Master Trainer

  REF: HR1688  DATES: 15 - 19 Jul 2019  (One Week)  VENUE: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)-Grand Millenium Hotel




This workshop is specifically intended for personnel who have to give training, presentations or deliver instruction.

In a world where the swift transfer of information has to be, clear and concise –the mastery of information transfer through training is essential. This workshop will provide all the necessary techniques and the latest thinking to make participants successful – presented by a world known master trainer.


  • To understand and be able to incorporate techniques to aid others understand skills, knowledge, competence or performance topics given through training
  • Be able to construct training and presentations to match attention spans and retention ability of the participants
  • Be able to select or design tests to be used in training
  • Be able to provide presentations using the industry standard - PowerPoint media
  • Be able to deliver any presentation using, course manual, Instructors manual and visual aids
  • Be able to decide on software that can be added to PowerPoint to enhance visual aids
  • Be able to select and insert video into PowerPoint in a seamless manner
  • Demonstrate mastery of the skills learnt through practical coaching during the course
  • Be able to identify others learning styles in order for you to present effectively
  • Be able to construct materials to a standard

Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for all Trainers, leaders, supervisors, engineers and professionals who have to deliver training or instruction

Training Methodology

Together with your fellow participants you bring a wide variety of experience and resources to the program. The course facilitator’s role is to help you learn for yourself and to assist you as you make sense of new ideas and techniques that you can use. We learn things as we try them out, you will be guided trough the learning step by step using your own material as a practical base for development –seeing your incremental improvement throughout the week. Supporting videos and group work will aid your learning experience.

Organisational Impact

Effective presentation and instruction is a key requirement. Organisations supporting this workshop will achieve a common –high standard approach using a proven methodology.

Organisations should be able to see a marked and measurable improvement from all participants.

Personal Impact

Master a key skill and build your confidence with some outstanding techniques and methods. You will be able to improve on your own material and work on it through out the programme, making this course very specific to you and what you are likely to train.

  • To use the latest techniques
  • Be able to select software that will add to the visual impact of your courses
  • Get a complete understanding of how learning takes place
  • Master body language
  • Know and be able to set up in a professional manner
  • Master dealing with difficult or un interested participants

Competencies Emphasized

  • Planning
  • Construction of presentation materials
  • Information Transfer
  • Inter personal skills
  • Training delivery skills



Understanding how knowledge transfer takes place

  • Introductions
  • Your presentation material – first presentation
  • How people absorb information
  • Retention ability –Rackman principal
  • Learning times and cycles –long sessions are not best
  • Discover your own learning and teaching styles – Questionnaire and feed back
  • WIIFM –build this into every presentation


Designing your presentation –outline plan

  • Assessing the needs of your group
  • Writing the material using the three stage approach
  • Understanding the power of visual aids (including engineering and technical objects and photographs)
  • The need for reinforcing handouts
  • Use of specialist software


Visual aids-Use and construction of dynamic visuals and other aids

  • The power of visual aids – demonstrations
  • How to use powerpoint to maximum effect, integrating other software
  • Sequencing difficult processes of engineering drawings and complex issues
  • Practice


Delivey techniques –from theory to perfection

  • Positioning –demonstration and practice
  • How to use body language to your advantage –to build agreement and to maintain control. Video
  • Use of and control of questions
  • Testing understanding – soft and hard techniques
  • Building commitment for action
  • Use of physical examples- props
  • Group involvement


Implementing your new skills

  • Practice and final presentations
  • Course facilitator’s final critique
  • Presentations of certificates

Pre Course Preparation

Delegates will need to bring with them a PowerPoint presentation of a sample of material they are likely to use. Practice will be on delegates own material thus added value to the time spent on the course by having material that can be immediately used – back at work. Delegates will have a video tape of their improvement through the programme.


During the workshop a presentation on a given topic to your colleagues will be undertaken. This presentation should be no more than 10 minutes long and will require the use of PowerPoint and other visual aids.

15 - 19 Jul 2019
COURSE Duration
One Weeks
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Grand Millenium Hotel