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Creative Malaysia Training Center
Creative Malaysia Training Center
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Civil & Construction Engineering

Facility Management

  REF: CE56  DATES: 17 - 21 Jun 2019  (One Week)  VENUE: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)-Grand Millenium Hotel

Who Should attend:

Any manager and supervisor who are responsible for the maintenance of buildings and facilities and those who wish to develop a building maintenance framework

Out Lines:

Overview of Facility Management

  •  Defining Facility Management
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of the Facility Manager
  • Facility Management Main Activities
  •  Challenges and Risks

Strategic Facility Planning

  •  Developing Facility Management Strategy
  • Retaining Services In-House versus Outsourcing
  • Facility Management Strategic Options
  • Service Level Agreements

Real Estate Planning and Considerations

  • Site Criteria Considerations
  • Space Calculations
  • Environmental Issues
  •  Lease Agreement

 Engineering Planning

  • Design Requirements and Layouts
  • Open-Plan versus Closed-Plan Approaches
  • Space Planning
  •  Furniture Consideration
  • Criteria and Adjacencies Matrices
  • Relationship and Bubble Diagrams
  • Block Plans

Maintenance and Operations Management

  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Facility Security

 Managing Large Maintenance Jobs

  • Defining Large Maintenance Jobs
  • Work Break-Down Structure
  • Developing a Schedule
  • Gantt Chart
  •  Resource Planning
17 - 21 Jun 2019
COURSE Duration
One Weeks
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Grand Millenium Hotel