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Process Engineering, Water Desalination & Chemical Engineering

Industrial Corrosion: Monitoring, Inspection, Testing And Control

  REF: PE1147  DATES: 21 - 25 Jan 2019  (One Week)  VENUE: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)-Grand Millenium Hotel


Course Description
Managing corrosion in industries is the most effective method to reduce the cost of the products. This short course is intended to discuss the various corrosion control methods used to manage the corrosion, as well as the basic principles of corrosion, thus extending the life of the engineering components

Course Objective
??? Addresses the types of corrosion problems encountered in various industries, especially the Oil and Gas industries.
??? It is aimed at corrosion engineers undergoing career development.
??? It provides a useful refresher for the senior corrosion professionals.
??? It provides corrosion awareness for engineers from various disciplines who wish to broaden their understanding of the corrosion aspects of projects or facilities for which they are responsible.

Who Should attend?
??? Corrosion Engineers and Technicians
??? Inspection, Maintenance Engineers and Managers.
??? Chemical, Metallurgical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial, and Petroleum Engineers.
??? Safety, and Risk Professionals

Course Outline
Day 1
??? Background: Corrosion and its Consequences. ???Cost of Corrosion
??? Prediction of Corrosion
??? Basic Electrochemical Theory of Corrosion
??? Forms of Corrosion
??? Uniform
??? Localized (Mechanical, SCC, HIC and SOHIC)
??? Localized (Non-mechanical, Crevice, Bi-metal, and Pitting, and Erosion-corrosion).

Day 2
??? Corrosion in Specific Industrial Environments:
??? Corrosion in Water
??? Corrosion in Soil
??? Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC)
??? Corrosion in Oil and Gas Industries (Sweet and Sour Systems)

Day 3
??? Design for Corrosion Control:
??? Materials Selection:
??? Carbon Steels, Low Alloy Steels and Cast Irons
??? Stainless Steels
??? Nickel and Copper Alloys ???

Day 4
??? Cathodic Protection
??? Protective Coatings:
??? Metallic Coatings
??? Inorganic and Organic Coatings
??? Corrosion Inhibition

Day 5
??? Corrosion Testing and Monitoring
??? Corrosion Economics
??? Corrosion Testing, and Evaluation
??? Simulated Service Testing
??? Corrosion Testing in Atmoshere
??? Corrosion Testing in Water
??? Corrosion Testing in Soil
??? Corrosion Evaluation
??? Evaluation of Pitting Corrosion
??? Evaluation of Intergranular Corrosion
??? Evaluation of SCC, and Hydrogen Damage

21 - 25 Jan 2019
COURSE Duration
One Weeks
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Grand Millenium Hotel