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HRM ,Training

Preparing And Developing Training Specialist And Coordinators

  REF: HR1719  DATES: 23 - 27 Sep 2019  (One Week)  VENUE: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)-Grand Millenium Hotel




This brand new program is designed for any one in training or involved in development and who needs to understand how all the elements of training work. The program specifically will give you detailed knowledge on the new training cycle and explain how to get the best from external and internal training and suppliers. This course is in direct response from you our customers, for very practical, hands on week of training.

Key points of the week include:

  • Mastering the new training cycle
  • How to specify training from external providers
  • How to manage demands and prioritise any training request
  • Understand and be able to implement a training system and understand the software available
  • Be able to explain to others how training costs are arrived at
  • Show to others the value of training



At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Write learning objectives and be able to do specifications for internal and external use
  • Know how to prioritise training and be able to convincingly explain the process to others
  • Know how to identify competency gaps and to measure training results from competency based training
  • Know what to look for when sourcing external suppliers and how to get best value
  • Understand the role responsibilities of the 4 key jobs in training and be able to explain this to others
  • Explain to others how traing adds value and show practical examples in both Public and Private Sectors.


Training Methodology

This is a very practical course and delegates will learn by a variety of engaging methods. Use of current case studies, team working on topic related exercises, some mini presentations and re enforcement using a variety of DVD’s. Delegates will also be able to put together a back at work plan for implementation or discussion.


Organisational Impact

Those organisations supporting this program will:

  • Have properly trained and informed people who will be able to add value when they return to work
  • Be able to specify internal and external training to a very exact standard
  • Have a process approach to training that will be auditable.
  • Be able to show accurately the cost of all types of training
  • Show the cost benefit of certain types of training
  • Will be able to show others “best current practice”


Personal Impact

  • Have the correct information and process knowledge to make informed decisions
  • Be able to talk with confidence on all of the 4 key areas of training
  • Master the jargon and be able to become professional in your approach
  • Be able to make sound decisions on which areas of training you might want to work in, in the future.
  • Be more effective in you day to day work by mastering several training processes
  • Know and be able to explain to others why some people will not respond to training


Who Should Attend?

This course is specifically aimed at showing you the professional way to do training. Therefore it is suitable for:

  • New and Existing Coordinators
  • Administrative Staff in Training and HR
  • Other Training Personnel who need updating
  • and Supervisors who need a good understanding of how training works and the realistic benefits training can give.





How People Learn and What Interferes with the Learning Process

  • Introduction and program objectives
  • How adults learn - discussion
  • Motivators to the learning process
  • Learning styles - demonstration and questionnaire
  • How personality plays such an important role in learning
  • Reasons why people find it difficult to learn - exercise
  • Medical impediments to learning (no matter how good the training is)
  • Latest data on memory - and what we can do to improve it - demonstration



The Role and Function of Today’s Training Departments

  • Group exercise - what does training do?
  • The roles within training
  • The new training activities map - discussion
  • So who should do what in training - group exercise
  • Feedback from exercise
  • Should training be a profit centre and how should it demonstrate value?
  • Training role in other matters - succession planning
  • Business emergency procedures - exercise



The Two Principle Training Requirements - Competency & Performance

  • Competency - The History
  • How competencies are constructed - practical exercise
  • How much training comes from competency requirements
  • Measuring before and after results of competency based training
  • What is performance
  • Types of performance based training - group exercise
  • How to measure and evaluate performance based training
  • DVD - Training in action - group feedback and review



The Training Cycle - 2011 and Beyond

  • How training is indentified - group exercise
  • New and easier approach to Training Needs Analysis
  • DVD on TNA - discussion
  • How to cost training - easy method - demonstration
  • Keeping accurate training records - what’s needed and new software
  • How to prioritise all training - group exercise
  • Priortising training - feedback and process needed
  • How much value is in training - Case study and results



Getting the Best from Internal and External Training Providers

  • Understanding Learning Objectives
  • How to write learning objectives - group exercise
  • Short cut easy way to write competency based learning objectives
  • How would you measure performance based learning objectives - discussion
  • Should high level training results be rewarded?
  • A professional evaluation tool should you need one
  • Review of progress to date - your presentations


23 - 27 Sep 2019
COURSE Duration
One Weeks
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Grand Millenium Hotel