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Civil & Construction Engineering

Risk Based Inspection And Maintenance For Reinforced Concrete Structure.

  REF: CE94  DATES: 7 - 11 Oct 2019  (One Week)  VENUE: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)-Grand Millenium Hotel


Systems should be developed, designed, and modified with reliability as a key goal. The attendees will apply practical tools for integrating engineering, business, operations, and maintenance perspectives into a total life cycle approach to asset and cost management.

This course provides the tools for prioritizing structure failures so that effective failure management strategies (i.e., maintenance plans, one-time repair) can be developed to control the risk of losses (e.g., productivity, safety, quality).

This course is intended for civil engineers who are interested in the area of inspection, assessment and repair of concrete structures. This course enables delegates already familiar with what concrete is, to develop skills in effective specification, production and end users of concrete. The course also covers basics as well as advanced concepts up-to-date technology.

Through several workshops and exercises, the attendees will thoroughly cover both traditional and risk-based analysis methodologies by using quantitative risk assessment technique. Anyone interested in improving their structure maintenance program should consider attending the course.


This short course is intended to overview modern procedures in providing an optimizing maintenance plan for specific reinforced concrete structure or fleets of structures.

In this course will teach you how to develop cost-effective maintenance plans for onshore concrete and steel structure and fixed offshore structure by focusing on the following key??elements:

  • How to apply decision tree in conceptual design
  • Introduction to assessment of concrete structure
  • Understanding Risk Based Inspections
  • Developing an In-service Inspection Plan
  • How to implement maintenance plan?
  • The coaching to help develop your specific reliability-focused design strategy
  • Understanding why structure fails
  • Build on your knowledge of qualitative risk assessment methods to discover when and how to quantify the results
  • Gain a clear understanding of the most critical aspects of your structure

Who Should attend:

??Any civil engineer with interest in learning about the modern methodology for inspection, repair and maintenance plan depending on the risk based maintenance technique (RBM) for reinforced concrete structure.

It is foreseen that individuals from the following backgrounds may attend:??

  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Design structural engineers
  • Supervision engineer
  • Planners
  • Construction engineers
  • Each may make the best of the experience in his or her way.

Out Lines:

  • Overview of Planned Maintenance principles
  • Characteristics of world-class planned maintenance
  • Importance of a life-cycle approach to asset and cost management
  • Reliability and maintainability issues in each design phase
  • ACI, BS, and AISC codes for reliable structure
  • Structure redundancy
  • Failure mode of concrete structure
  • Corrosion effect on structure risk
  • Advanced inspection technique
  • Characterizing expected reliability-related performance of processes in design
  • Understanding life-cycle costs, including the cost of unreliable performance
  • Understanding Risk Based Inspections:
  • Maximized return on investment
  • Identifying and determining deterioration??of concrete structure
  • Assessment of concrete structure
  • Fresh and hardening concrete test
  • Advanced technique in measured corrosion in the steel bars.
  • Defining scope, establishing a team, and creating a structures list
  • Collecting loading, strength and environmental data
  • Prepare annual inspection work scopes / workbooks
  • Inspection and quality control of concrete
  • Sampling and testing concrete on site
  • Effective supervision of repairs
  • Reinforced concrete site practice
  • Selection of materials ??? cements, aggregates, additions and reinforcement
  • Concrete mixes and specifications
  • Inspection, sampling and compliance testing
  • Types of repair the RC structure
7 - 11 Oct 2019
COURSE Duration
One Weeks
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Grand Millenium Hotel