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Project, Contract & Procurement

The Contracts & Purchasing Masterclass

  REF: PP1864  DATES: 14 - 18 Oct 2019  (One Week)  VENUE: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)-Grand Millenium Hotel


The utilization of best practices in the processes of Purchasing and Contracting have been recognized by world class companies as essential to the success of modern organizations. Included in the many topics covered in this training session, to move purchasing and contracts functions from the tactical to a more important strategic focus, are:

  • Developing the right organizational strategies for your team
  • Roles and responsibilities of Purchasing and Contracting Personnel
  • Negotiating with suppliers and contractors
  • Cross functional purchasing and contracting approaches
  • Elements Of A Good Request for Quote and Tendering Process
  • Selecting The Right Contract Type
  • Important Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Contract Management


  • The essential requirements for purchasing and contracts management
  • Review contract strategies
  • Team structures and roles
  • The benefits of continuous improvement in purchasing and contracting
  • See examples of important commercial contract clauses
  • Implementing changes within the team and with other departments
  • Strategies and tactics for improved buying and contracting
  • The uses of tendering, negotiation and other approaches
  • essential elements of a contract
  • Measuring and improving purchasing and contracting performance
  • Using key performance measures

Who Should attend:

  • Contracts, Purchasing, Procurement, Supply Management, and Project personnel
  • Engineering, Operational, and Maintenance personnel
  • And all others who are involved in the planning, evaluation, preparation and management of  purchasing, contracts, tenders, awards, and supplier/contractor  performance that cover the acquisition of materials, equipment, and all types of services and who are in organizations whose leadership want high levels of competency in those involved in these activities

Out Lines:

 - Objectives of Contract Administration

  • Effective Contract Administration
  • The Most Critical Elements
  • Key Players In Contract Administration
  • Post Award Conference
  • Analysis Of The Contract 
  • Establishing Major Deliverables
  • What Needs To Be Measured?

- Outputs and Contract Types

  • Typical Outputs Of Contract Administration
  • Monitoring Techniques
  • Identify The Risk
  • Responses To Risk
  • Contract Types
  • Administration In Cost Type Contracts
  • Economic Price Adjustments

 - Maintaining Schedules & Contract Changes

  • Maintaining Contract Schedules
  • Expediting Techniques
  • Major Causes Of Changes
  • Contract Price Changes
  • Evaluating Price Changes
  • Practical Considerations for Bonds & Guarantees
  • Types of Bonds and Guarantees

 - Issues in Contract Performance

  • Contract Terminations
  • Service Level Termination Event
  • What Constitutes Breach?
  • Responding To A Breach
  • Right To Cover
  • Manuals And Drawings
  • Supplier/Contractor Relations
  • Subcontractor Issues

 - Acceptance and Close Out

  • Warranties
  • Forms Of Payment
  • Progress Payments
  • Claims and Disputes
  • Negotiation Of Claims and Disputes
  • Final Acceptance
  • Close Out Procedures
  • Post Contract Review Meeting

 - Effective Purchasing in Modern Organisations

  • What is the role of Purchasing?
  • What do other functions want from Purchasing?
  • Essentials for Effective Purchasing
  • Concepts and approaches in Purchasing Management
  • Team Roles and responsibilities
  • What do you want to achieve?

- Tools for Effective Purchasing

  • Spend Mapping
  • Supply Positioning
  • Supplier Intelligence
  • Supplier Selection
  • Role of Distributors and Agents

- Financial and non-financial Purchasing Measures

  • Pricing Mechanisms
  • Value Analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Capital Equipment Life Cycle Costing
  • Early Involvement of other functions

- Use of appropriate sourcing techniques

  • Use of Tendering, negotiation, direct sourcing and e-commerce
  • Tendering, RFIs, RFQs
  • Negotiation preparation, strategy & Tactics
  • Negotiation with other cultures
  • E-procurement

- Implementing Purchasing Improvements

  • Using Key Performance Measures to monitor and deliver improvements
  • Metric hierarchies
  • Implementing Change
  • Planning Communications
  • Planning for Action
14 - 18 Oct 2019
COURSE Duration
One Weeks
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Grand Millenium Hotel